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Introducing responsibility to collaboration

Without responsibility, nothing gets done

Social RASIC powered by Up2Go’s 2Team application brings all elements of collaborative management of work into one application. We introduce a dynamic responsibility layer that ensures collaboration happens with the right people in real time on projects. This layer also establishes a structure of scalable, goal-based collaboration networks.  

Social RASIC is a responsibility-based, collaborative operating model that enables the sharing of relevant and real-time information in large-scale organizations. Everything that is done is linked to responsibilities, ensuring clarity of roles and accountability, drastically reducing the occurrence of duplicate work. 


Real Guidance Leads to Real Results

The more your workforce works in the Social RASIC environment, the more the app is able to guide and enable teamwork, identify and recommend skill gaps to fill, and help your teams recognize both internal and external opportunities that can turn your organization from a good one to a great one. 

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