allowing your teams to meaningfully connect, contribute, and collaborate

Social RASIC elevates the RASIC methodology to a livable model by applying the role-based framework to social sharing technologies.


Without sharing technology, global teams lack a way to connect and collaborate; but without an organization method, any connection and collaboration lacks the context of responsibility.

With equal importance, these fundamentals of project work come together to create the new frontier for teamwork.

enterprise grade collaboration … work reimagined

RASIC; without responsibility, nothing gets done.

Achieving together is significantly easier when roles and responsibilities of each team member are clear. On the way to delivering results such clarity is required when it comes to decision-making. RASIC roles come to life in project-specific social networks.

collaboration; how things get done.

Achieving together requires many interactions while sharing work among team members, such as communication, meetings, tasks, and decisions. Such interactions need to be well informed to deliver a high-quality outcome in a timely fashion. From your project, deliver results in the form of unstructured and structured data, such as documents, videos, and database content.

compliance; doing things right.

Achieving together has to be done within the guidance of expectations; expectations that can be tailored to the type of work being performed. This help govern the execution of work, making clear what is expected in relation to the quality of work. Such expectations often include the compliance with regulatory or policy bound execution; e.g. working compliant to an NDA with a customer.

No more internal sample audits, be audit ready, anywhere, any time, on any type of work!

beyond teams; performing as an organization.

Achieving together stretches beyond team accomplishment when team performance accelerates overall organizational performance. Deliver information and competence (people) to work that benefits or depends on related work. Why solve a problem from scratch when you have solved the same or a similar problem many times before somewhere in your organization?

We call this “Guided Work”, which delivers information and competence as Recommendations based on the achievements across all of your teams.





what is RASIC

The five roles: Responsible, Accountable, Supporter, Informed, and Consultant, are applied to team members to provide a common understanding expectations and responsibilities. 



RASIC is a long-standing method of responsibility-assignment, applied across projects, companies, and industries to manage large-scale cross-functional projects. Allowing organizations usually governed by their formal hierarchies to break down organizational barriers and collaborate in a more dynamic and effective way.


Salesforce provides the enterprise-level cloud platform that makes Social RASIC possible.

The world-class data security ensures that organizations’ data is protected, and the social sharing platform enables the people of those organizations to connect and collaborate in a common space, eliminating the need for isolated technology silos like

email, chat apps, file-sharing platforms, and countless other business-relevant systems.


So with the Salesforce sharing platform, RASIC can go from an on-paper organizational chart to a livable model of working.


Working with Social RASIC 

connects people and their work directly through their responsibilities 

this network enables guided work and learning for both individuals and teams as a whole. Earned skills and experience can guide project Responsible members to build more qualified and robust teams, and those who are members of multiple teams are able to better understand what their organization expects of them, and how to prioritize what they work on.

Social RASIC can provide this unprecedented guided working and learning because all work happens in context to organizational responsibility.