about us


our DNA

Up2Go is made up of curious individuals brought together by a common passion for teamwork and technology. We are students, teachers, fathers, mothers, painters, athletes, cooks, photographers, and even beatboxers. 

our mission

We aim simply, to improve the relationship that people have with their work by creating clarity, stability, and opportunities for growth. We want to tilt the scale in favor of meaningful work, and away from avoidable distractions, and to provide flexibility for people to enjoy their lives and their work.

our core values


“Curiousity is the origin of everything we do –
without it, there really is no beginning”

James Zolynsky - Northville, Michigan USA



“Challenge is the difference between doing and not doing. What we can achieve is limited to what we challenge ourselves to do.”

Alex Pekalski - Northville, Michigan USA


“Take pride in what you do. Maintain a standard and have the discipline to do what needs to be done.”

Carlotta Scalet - Graz, Austria



“To collaborate is much more than to simply communicate. Collaboration is the work we do together”

Sascha Scheffler - Mainz, Germany

meet some of our people

3 offices, 3 countries, 1 dynamic team

Raja Saboor Ali - Graz, Austria