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Dedicated to responsible collaboration


Our mission


We aim to improve the relationship that people have with their work by introducing a dynamic, role-based collaboration model based on collaboration technology. Our apps 2Team and Customer Product Relationship Management (CPRM) form a robust project driven environment (Social RASIC) that supports the agile development of complex organizations in times of dramatically changing market requirements.

Up2Go is made up of curious individuals brought together by a common passion for teamwork and technology. Founded in 2009, we are a steadily growing international company developing premier cloud-based SaaS applications. We work together as a global team from locations in Austria, Germany and the USA.

Our core values

At Up2Go, our team is our strongest asset. We are convinced that curiosity, craftsmanship, challenge and collaboration are the true drivers behind progress, learning and success. We have created an environment that both inspires and challenges our team members to embrace our passion for learning.


Be passionately curious, open-minded and eager to learn...and the future will be yours.


Challenging your limits and venture beyond the obvious opens up new horizons.
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One person alone can do incredible things, many people together doing incredible things can achieve unimaginable things.
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Putting in that extra effort can turn a great idea into an extraordinary product.
Get in touch with us!

We love answering questions at Up2Go. If you have any inquiry about what we do, are curious about using our products, or would like to find out about employment opportunities, please reach out to us at

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